When the refrigerator is broken, it could be as a result of varieties of issues. You have to look and find for the root of the problem in your fridge to be able to get a solution for it. Most of the time, how the refrigerator behaves, will give you a compass on which steps to take to reach an appropriate destination in seeking a fix. In this list, We highlight the most common symptoms on broken refrigerators and the most likely sources of the problems

The Refrigerator does not run and the light does not work ·         Make sure the refrigerator is plugged in securely

·         Check for a blown fuse or tripped circuit breaker

·         Test the power outlet for current

·         Inspect the electrical cord for damage

·         Eliminate use of an extension cord, if any is being used

·         Check the outlet voltage

The Refrigerator does not run but the light works ·         Check the temperature setting

·         Make certain there is a three inch space outside of the refrigerator between the walls and the back and sides and at least a one inch gap above, to allow for air flow

·         Clean the condenser coils

·         Unplug the refrigerator, wait two hours and plug it in. If you hear it running, a problem is causing the compressor to overheat

·         Test the temperature control

·         Test the evaporator fan

·         Test the defrost timer

·         Test the compressor relay

·         Test the overload protector

·         Test the compressor motor

The Refrigerator light does not work ·         Replace the bulb

·         Test the door switch

The Refrigerator or freezer is not cold enough ·         Check the temperature setting

·         Assure that there is enough room for air flow in the refrigerator or freezer

·         Check for air flow restrictions in vents

·         Test the temperature control

·         Clean the condenser coils

·         Check the door seals

·         Test the door switch

·         Test the defrost heater

·         Test the defrost timer

·         Test the evaporator fan

·         Check for a clogged drain tube

·         Check for refrigerant leak

The Refrigerator or freezer is too cold ·         Check the temperature setting

·         Test the temperature control

The Refrigerator is noisy or makes strange sounds ·         Hissing and popping is normal on frost free refrigerators, it is the defrost heater

·         Check that the refrigerator is level

·         Check the drain pan

·         Check the condenser fan

·         Check the evaporator fan

·         Inspect the compressor mounts

The Refrigerator runs continuously ·         Defrost the freezer

·         Clean the condenser coils

·         Check the door seals

·         Test the door switch

·         If you recently adjusted the temperature control, loaded the refrigerator or are in a humid location, it is not uncommon for a refrigerator to run for 24 hours or more before getting cool.

The Refrigerator starts and stops frequently ·         Clean the condenser coils

·         Check the outlet voltage

·         Test the fridge condenser fan

·         Test the fridge compressor relay

·         Test the fridge  overload protector

·         Test the fridge  compressor motor

The Freezer does not defrost automatically ·         Test the fridge  defrost timer

·         Test the fridge  defrost heater

·         Test the fridge  defrost thermostat

The Refrigerator has an unpleasant odor ·         Remove spoiled food from the fridge

·         Clean refrigerator interior with a solution of hot water and baking soda

·         Clean the door seals

·         Remove breaker strips and check for wet insulation

The Water on floor outside of refrigerator ·         Check the drain pan

·         If you have an ice-maker, check the water supply hose going into and coming out of the water inlet valve

The Water inside the refrigerator ·         Clean the drain tube

·         If you have an ice-maker, check refrigerator and ice-maker for level


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