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Electric and electronic appliance repair services should be handled by a professional. Our crew can be your electrical specialist that can do the job safely and reliably. Our technicians have over 10 years of experience, and they arrive ready to work

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Electronic appliances, gadgets, machines and devices are a must at every home today and our life revolves around these as they add luxury and comfort to our everyday tasks. There are many electronic gadgets, appliances, machines and devices that we have installed at home or office to accomplish many daily tasks with ease. Companies that deal with electronic equipment manufacturing are finding it costlier everyday and buying new equipment when something goes wrong with the old one is not always possible. Just to cover this cost for consumers, the electronic repair services providers are now increasingly emerging in the electronics consumer market zones. So, instead of disposing of that damaged or broken electronic device you can now get it repaired / fixed with services that will make it perform with repair-services efficiency and make it as good as new again. Easy Solutions Electronics Repair Nairobi is a Home & Office Appliances Electronics Repair Services Provider in Kenya.


Electric & Electronic repair services can help in fixing or improving broken electronic devices

Almost everything around us seems to be running on electricity. Average households have 75% electronic machines and an average person spends 80% time of his day using these electronic appliances, gadgets and machines. No matter how careful you are in utilizing these devices, wear and tear is inevitable, and regular maintenance is needed to fix or repair broken electronics. Just to take care of these issues today several repair companies offering electronic repair services are mushrooming. They also offer home service, which means you will not need to carry broken devices to their workshops, but instead technician will come to your home or office to fix the same. This is exactly what we do at Easy Solutions Electronics Repair Nairobi, with both alternatives. You can bring your electronic appliance to our workshop, or we can send a technician to fix it for you at your home or office, in our service coverage areas.


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Home & Office electronics repair services in Nairobi – Kenya: We specialize in repairing gadgets or appliances that are used mostly at homes or offices. These include the most common devices we use for entertainment, in the kitchen and also the computers and laptops used for work.

Specialty repair shops: We have a workshop that deal with repairing these electronic appliances, machines and gadgets. For example TV repair, kitchen appliances repair , laundry machines repair and more like these.

Industrial electronic repair services: These vendors specialize in repairing equipments that are used in manufacturing in industries and factories. The work area also includes hospitals, banks, commercial organizations, industries and more where the repair is required in bulk. The repair services include power supplies, circuitry boards, monitors, video recording systems, telecommunication systems and others that are specific to industries.

The many benefits you have access to include appliances and electronics repair services in Nairobi Kenya

Fair Electronics Repair & Home Appliances repair which can help you get back the lost functionality of any electronic appliance, gadget and device. Quality service that is reliable and can help you get the repaired components or devices delivered right till your doorstep in the minimum time frame


The Electric & Electronic Appliance Repair services in total are fast, reliable and cost effective loaded with accuracy

Finding vendors who can offer electronic repair services is easy. It is as easy as finding Easy solutions Repair Nairobi. We make use of technologically sound equipments and tools while undertaking the electronics and appliances repair tasks. The process is accomplished with equipments that have the best IC, resistance, frequency, capacitance, voltage that is actually needed. We specialize in repairing or improving all types of appliances, devices and gadgets whether broken or at fault. Whether looking for a service provider who can repair, install or improve small printed circuit boards or large industrial devices, you can get it all done. Also, when seeking for someone who can repair home appliances and equipments, we utilize functional test methods that are employed when the manufacturing of the same is being undertaken.


Get the best electronic repair services with Easy Solutions Electronics Repair Nairobi

Electric Repair & Electronics Repair Nairobi

we are a a leading contract electronics engineering based in Nairobi Kenya. We lead in the electronics repair industry by offering the best electronics repair services, reliable electronics and appliances repair solutions, cost effective results that are adorned with technicians who have top technical competency, which has helped us  earn a distinct popularity in the Nairobi – Kenya.


Get the best appliance repair services in Nairobi area, including washing machine repair, washing machine installation, washing machine maintenance, washing machine cleaning, washing machine parts and spares replacement and repair. We also offer the same services for other home and fitness appliances and equipment. They include but are not limited to the Washing Machine, oven, cooker, dishwasher, tumble dryer, fridge, refrigerator, freezer, water dispenser, water purifier, electric showers, swimming pool, television (tv), DSTV satellite dishes, wifi installations, air conditioners, treadmill, exercise bike, gym upholstery, computer, inbuilt cookers and ovens, microwave oven, rice cooker and more.

  1. Washing Machine Repair
  2. Range Hoods Repair
  3. Coffee Machine Repair
  4. Dishwashers Repair
  5. Dryers Repair
  6. Freezers Repair
  7. Ice Machines Repair
  8. Microwaves Oven Repair
  9. Ovens Repair
  10. Ranges Repair
  11. Refrigerators Repair
  12. Range Hoods Repair

We fix these and more home and office appliances in Nairobi and its environs.  We repair all brands currently in the Kenyan market. Our technicians are well trained, exposed and experienced in working on these appliance models.

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Get the best Electrical Repairs & Electric & Electroni Appliance Repair in Nairobi, Nakuru, Mombasa, Kisumu & The rest of Kenya

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