cooker repair services in nairobi kenya

Kiuru Ariston cooker repair in nairobi

Ariston cooker repair in Nairobi We repair, install and service Cookers, Ovens and Microwaves in Nairobi. If you are Looking for over-the-range cooker, oven and microwave repair services in nairobi Kenya then  You’ve come to the right place! At Imperial Appliance Service, we’ve been servicing Samsung, Whirlpool and Fisher & Paykel over-the-range microwaves for more […]

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exhauster services nairobi mombasa nakuru kiambu muthaiga limuru kikuyu kenya

Kiuru Exhauster Services Nairobi Kenya

BEST EXHAUSTER SERVICES IN NAIROBI KENYA : Get the best exhauster / honey sucker / waste removal services from Bestcare Services Nairobi.

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dishwasher repair in nairobi mombasa kenya

Kiuru Dishwasher Repair in Nairobi

Have your dishwasher repaired in the comfort of your own home by booking a dishwasher repair service by skilled engineers in Nairobi. Get dishwasher repairs in Nairobi

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Kiuru Oven Repair and Cooker Repair in Nairobi

Oven & Cooker Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya COMMON OVEN REPAIR PROBLEMS : The contemporary home is filled with a wide array of cooking appliances, and while your options are truly limitless, nearly all homes have an oven. Ovens provide the baking and broiling power you need for a wealth of delicious meals and desserts, but your oven won’t be able to complete cooking tasks if it doesn’t run properly.

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washing machine repair services in nairobi kenya

Kiuru Common washing machine problems diagnosis and Repair

If you need a washing machine repair for AEG, Beko or Bosch, Hotpoint or Indesit, LG or Samsung, we can help. Our engineers provide effective solutions for all makes and models of domestic appliances.

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Kiuru Television Screen Replacement

Television Repair in Nairobi Kenya Trust us with all your TV Repairs. We Repair all brands and makes of televisions, Hi-Fi, DVDs, Inverters and Elecronic boards. Call BNV Appliances today for professional TV repairs. LG TV / Television Repairs / Service Samsung TV / Television Repairs / Service Sony TV / Television Repairs / Service […]

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Fridge Freezer Refrigerator repair services nairobi kenya

Kiuru Refrigerator Problems Diagnosis

When the refrigerator is broken, it could be as a result of varieties of issues. You have to look and find for the root of the problem in your fridge to be able to get a solution for it. Most of the time, how the refrigerator behaves, will give you a compass on which steps to take to reach an appropriate destination in seeking a fix. In this list, We highlight the most common symptoms on broken refrigerators and the most likely sources of the problems

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water dispenser-repair

Kiuru Water Dispenser Repair in Nairobi & Nakuru

We offer water dispenser services in Nairobi including repair, Maintenance, cleaning, installation, parts and spares and more water dispenser services. We service top load water dispenser, bottom load and countertop water dispenser of all makes and models of brands including whirlpool, NewAir, Avlon, Clover, Glacier maximum stainless, bruhm, ramtons, syinix, generic, macro, sterling, dayliff, bluelans, armco, hotpoint, sayona, ashton meyers, ariston

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cooker repair services in nairobi kenya

Kiuru Common Cooker Problems Diagnosis

We repair, install and service Cookers, Ovens and Microwaves in Nairobi. If you are Looking for over-the-range cooker, oven and microwave repair services in nairobi Kenya then  You’ve come to the right place!

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Kiuru Wine cooler & wine refrigerator repair

WINE COOLER & WINE REFRIGERATOR REPAIR - Wine coolers also referred to as wine refrigerators, chill wine to optimum storage and serving temperatures. They come in various storage capacities, and keep wine between 45 to 64 degrees Fahrenheit, depending on the type of wine. By maintaining ideal temperature and humidity conditions for wine storage, wine refrigerators are great for connoisseurs who don't have access to a wine cellar.

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