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We offer water dispenser in Nairobi including repair, Maintenance, cleaning, installation, parts and spares and more water dispenser services. We service top load water dispenser, bottom load and countertop water dispenser of all makes and models of brands including whirlpool, NewAir, Avlon, Clover, Glacier maximum stainless, bruhm, ramtons, syinix, generic, macro, sterling, dayliff, bluelans, armco, hotpoint, sayona, ashton meyers, ariston

cost of water dispenser repair in nairobi

cost of water dispenser repair in nairobi

Water Dispenser Repair in Nairobi for all common Water Dispenser Faults, Problems and Errors

For many complex issues or if you’re uncertain about the diagnosis and repair process, it’s advisable to contact a professional water dispenser technician or the manufacturer’s service center for assistance. These are the most common Water Dispenser Problems, Faults, and Errors, along with a brief description of the Repair Solutions that you can get:

  1. No Water is Dispensed from the Water Dispenser :
    • Problem: If the water dispenser isn’t delivering water, it might be due to a clogged water line, a faulty water valve, or a blocked filter.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Check the water supply to ensure it’s not obstructed.
      • Inspect and replace the water filter if clogged.
      • Examine the water valve and replace it if it’s malfunctioning.
  2. Low Water Flow from the Water Dispenser :
    • Problem: Slow water flow can result from a partially blocked filter, sediment buildup in the water tank, or a weak water pump.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Replace a clogged filter.
      • Clean or descale the water tank.
      • Inspect and, if necessary, replace the water pump.
  3. Water Dispenser is Leaking Water:
    • Problem: Water leaks can occur from damaged or misaligned tubing, a leaking water tank, or a malfunctioning valve.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Check tubing for damage or loose connections and replace as needed.
      • Examine the water tank and seals for leaks and repair or replace them.
      • Inspect and replace the water valve if it’s leaking.
  4. Water from the Water Dispenser Tastes or Smells Bad:
    • Problem: Unpleasant tastes or odors can result from a dirty or expired filter or contamination of the water reservoir.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Replace the filter if it’s old or clogged.
      • Clean and disinfect the water reservoir and tubing.
  5. Water Dispenser’s Hot Water Not Hot Enough:
    • Problem: In hot and cold water dispensers, insufficiently hot water may be due to thermostat issues or a malfunctioning heating element.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Adjust or replace the thermostat if it’s not maintaining the desired temperature.
      • Replace the heating element if it’s faulty.
  6. Water Dispenser’s Cold Water Not Cold Enough:
    • Problem: For cold water dispensers, inadequate cooling may be caused by a defective thermostat or a malfunctioning compressor.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Adjust or replace the thermostat for better cooling.
      • Check the compressor and replace it if it’s not working properly.
  7. Water Dispenser makes Strange Noises:
    • Problem: Unusual sounds like gurgling or knocking can be due to air trapped in the water lines, problems with the water pump, or other mechanical issues.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Bleed air from the water lines.
      • Inspect and, if necessary, replace the water pump or other components causing the noise.
  8. Water Dispenser has Error Codes on Display:
    • Problem: Some modern water dispensers may display error codes indicating a specific issue. These can vary depending on the model and brand.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Refer to the user manual or the manufacturer’s guide to understand the error code.
      • Contact customer support or a technician for assistance based on the error code’s meaning.
  9. Intermittent Dispensing:
    • Problem: Water dispensing inconsistently or intermittently may be due to electrical issues, loose connections, or damaged control panels.
    • Repair Solution:
      • Check the power supply and connections for stability.
      • Inspect and repair the control panel or wiring if necessary.

Regular maintenance, like cleaning, filter replacement, and descaling, can also help prevent many of these problems.


Reliable Water Dispenser Repairs, Maintenance and Services

 water dispenser repair in nairobi

water dispenser repair in nairobi

Our Water Dispenser Repair services

The experienced and reputed professionals offer expert water dispenser repair service. Be it servicing, water leakage, cooling, or heating, you’ll hire the technician for any quite issue. The list of services offered by REPAIR listed experts include

  • Water Dispenser Installation
  • Water Dispenser Maintenance Services

Common Water Dispenser Issues that we repair

Wear and tear of an appliance is extremely common and obvious. With the regular use of an appliance and ignorance to the minor issue may result within the decrease of performance and efficiency. However, with proper cleaning and regular service, it’s possible to extend the efficiency and time period of the merchandise. Because hiring an experienced and skilled technician is that the best thanks to resolve technical issues. Just in case you experience any issue with water dispenser, you’ll hire the expert services. Here are some common issues that you get you’ll hire a water dispenser repair service expert.

Water Dispenser Leaking

Usually, first-time users get confused between an overflowing drip and a leaking device. In offices, the water dispenser is employed by many of us and there are chances that they eliminate the water within the drip tray. You’ll empty the drip tray to avoid the spillage and check if there’s leakage. The rationale behind the leakage might be the improper closing pf the rear valve of the device. You’ll make sure part and ensure if that’s well-sealed. Even after this if you experience water leakage, you would like to contact a water dispenser service expert.

Water Dispenser Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

  • Water Tastes and Smells Bad

It is claimed that water is pure if it’s tasteless, odorless, and colorless. If you experience odour and sudden change within the taste of water, then there’s a problem. Sometimes, the dirt accumulates at the taps, so wiping the taps is that the initiative. The rationale behind the bad taste and odour might be the due filtration process. However, if the sterilization and filtration process is already done, you would like to book the water dispenser repair service immediately.

Water Dispenser Repair Services in Nairobi Kenya

  • Water isn’t Cold

If the water dispenser isn’t providing the cold water, you would like not panic. Someone may need emptied the cold-water tank. And it takes to refill and chill the water. The adjustment within the temperature of the water dispenser. Also can be the rationale behind this problem. Just in case none of the above applies and you continue to don’t receive the cold water, the cooler could be broken. To repair or replace the broken part, you would like to rent a water dispenser repair service.

  • The dispenser isn’t Pouring Out Enough Water

The faucet could be pouring out insufficient water. Cleaning the faucets can help in resolving the matter. If cleaning the faucets doesn’t make any difference, the dispenser may need trapped air in it. Removing the bottle and pressing the taps together after putting it back, you’ll remove the air and use the dispenser. If doing all this doesn’t help and dispenser pours little water, you’re advised to rent a water dispenser repair service.

  • Broken Tap

With the pressure and rough and hard use, the faucet of the water dispenser might get crack. Ignoring the cracks at the initial stage might end in the breakage of the faucet. For replacing the broken tap, you’ll take the assistance of the technician.



Great offers on the cost of Water Dispenser repair in Nairobi and Water Dispenser spare parts prices



Repairing a water dispenser can be a cost-effective solution when it malfunctions or requires maintenance. The specific price can vary depending on the type of dispenser, the severity of the issue, and the service provider. Here’s an overview of the potential costs involved:

  1. Diagnosis Fee: When you contact a professional technician to assess the problem with your water dispenser, they may charge a diagnosis fee. This fee typically ranges from 500 Ksh to 1,500 Ksh, depending on the service provider.
  2. Labor Costs: The labor cost for repairing a water dispenser varies based on the complexity of the repair and the time required. On average, labor charges can range from 1,000 Ksh to 5,000 Ksh or more, especially for more intricate repairs.
  3. Replacement Parts: Spare parts are a significant component of the overall cost. The price of spare parts depends on the brand and model of your water dispenser, as well as the specific components that need replacement. Here are some common spare parts and their approximate costs:
  4. Thermostat: A thermostat replacement can cost around 500 Ksh to 1,500 Ksh.
  5. Compressor: Replacing a compressor can be one of the more expensive repairs, with costs ranging from 2,000 Ksh to 6,000 Ksh or more.
  6. Water Pump: A new water pump can cost around 800 Ksh to 2,000 Ksh.
  7. Valves and Fittings: Various valves, fittings, and pipes may need replacement, with prices typically ranging from 200 Ksh to 1,000 Ksh each.
  8. Filtration System Components: If your dispenser has a water filtration system, replacement filters and related components can cost between 300 Ksh to 1,000 Ksh.
  9. Electrical Components: If there are electrical issues, replacement parts such as switches, wires, and control panels can cost around 500 Ksh to 2,000 Ksh.
  10. Service Call and Transportation Fees: Depending on your location and the service provider, there may be additional fees for the technician’s travel to your home or business. This can range from 500 Ksh to 1,500 Ksh.
  11. Additional Charges: Sometimes, additional charges may be incurred if the repair is more complex or requires multiple visits from the technician.

Keep in mind that these are approximate costs, and the actual price can vary based on factors such as location, the specific service provider, and the quality of spare parts used.

To get an accurate estimate for your water dispenser repair, it’s advisable to contact a certified technician or service center. They can assess the issue and provide a detailed breakdown of the costs involved. It’s also a good idea to inquire about warranties on spare parts and labor, as this can affect your overall expenses.

The process of getting Water Dispenser Repair in Nairobi

Water dispenser repair involves diagnosing and fixing issues with a water cooler or dispenser to ensure it functions correctly. Below is a general outline of the process of water dispenser repair:

1. Troubleshooting and Diagnosis:

  • Start by identifying the problem with the water dispenser. Common issues include no cold or hot water, water leakage, strange noises, or issues with the water temperature control.
  • Check for visible damage or signs of wear and tear.
  • Ensure the dispenser is properly plugged in and the power source is functioning.

2. Safety Precautions:

  • Before you begin any repair work, ensure that the water dispenser is disconnected from the power source to prevent electrical accidents.
  • If the water dispenser has a heating function, let it cool down for some time to avoid burns.

3. Accessing Internal Components:

  • Remove any panels or covers that provide access to the internal components. This may involve unscrewing or unclipping parts of the dispenser.

4. Cleaning and Maintenance:

  • Inspect and clean the water reservoir, water lines, and the cooling or heating elements.
  • Replace any filters if necessary. Filters may need to be changed periodically based on usage.

5. Identifying Faulty Components:

  • Carefully examine the internal components, such as the thermostat, water pump, switches, and wiring, for signs of damage or malfunction.
  • Use a multimeter to test the electrical components for continuity.

6. Replacement of Parts:

  • Once you’ve identified the problematic component, order a replacement part. This might include a new thermostat, heating element, or water pump.
  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for purchasing genuine replacement parts to ensure compatibility.

7. Installation of Replacement Parts:

  • Carefully install the replacement part following the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure that all connections are secure and correctly wired.
  • Take note of the wiring and connections before disassembling to avoid mistakes during reassembly.

8. Testing:

  • Reconnect the water dispenser to the power source.
  • Test the repaired dispenser to ensure that the issue has been resolved. Check for proper water temperature, flow, and no leaks.

9. Calibration and Adjustments:

  • If necessary, calibrate the thermostat to maintain the desired water temperature.
  • Adjust the water flow and check for any other settings or adjustments based on the specific model of your water dispenser.

10. Final Inspection:

  • Reassemble any panels or covers that were removed during the repair.
  • Check for any visible signs of leaks, loose connections, or irregularities.
  • Ensure the dispenser is working as expected and safely.

11. Maintenance Tips:

  • Encourage regular cleaning and maintenance to prevent future issues.
  • Keep an eye on the water quality and taste, replacing filters as needed.
  • Periodically check for loose connections and signs of wear and tear.

If you’re unsure about any part of the repair process or if the issue is complex, it’s recommended to seek the assistance of a professional technician to ensure safety and proper repair




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