The importance of appliance maintenance

You should place a high level of importance on the maitenance of your home appliances. Whether Washing Machines, Tumble Dryers, Ovens, Cookers, Dishwashers, Air Conditioners, Refrigerators, water dispensers and more. This is because, the life time of your appliance may depend on how well you use it when it is in working condition. How long it lasts will also depend on how well you take care of it when you are not using it.

appliance maintenance in Nairobi Kenya
appliance maintenance in Nairobi Kenya

When was the last time you gave your appliance the maintenance it much needs ?

We all rely heavily on the appliances in our homes. They add productivity and comfort to our lives, and we can hardly do without many of them. Unfortunately, many homeowners take their appliances for granted. They don’t give them much thought at all until they break. Repairs after major appliance failure can be costly, and many times they can be prevented entirely. Performing regular maintenance on your appliances is important. Here are a few reasons why:

To Increase Appliance Efficiency

Appliances that aren’t well maintained tend to work harder than they need to, burning more electricity or gas. A refrigerator that likes to stay cracked open burns way too much energy trying to maintain the internal temperature. A dryer with a dirty filter or a partially clogged exhaust vent is a dual problem: first, it doesn’t dry your clothes as well, but second, and more importantly, it’s a huge fire hazard. You end up running the dryer longer to get your clothes dry. This burns unnecessary energy and adds to your utility bills. As appliances age, natural wear-and-tear slows efficiency. Consequently, lower efficiency appliances, in turn, cost more money to utilize. Smaller, frequent maintenance can catch little things that have a significant impact on efficiency. For example, checking the filters in A/C units or dryers and removing debris improves airflow. As a result, it allows your appliances to work efficiently.

Extend Appliance Lifespan

Maintaining your appliances helps them live longer. Not only do unmaintained appliances burn too much energy, but they also burn themselves out faster. Your blocked-up dryer works harder and hotter than it’s supposed to, which often leads to early failure. You should regularly follow the maintenance procedures printed in your appliances’ owner’s manuals. Doing so will keep them running well for longer.

To ensure Property Safety

Maintaining appliances helps keep your home and property safe. A dishwasher that’s not draining well can flood your kitchen. A refrigerator that’s running too warm can sicken your entire family. A dryer with a blocked vent can literally burn your house to the ground! FEMA says dryer fires cause $35 million in property loss every year! Maintain your appliances well to reduce the risk of appliance-related property damage. The most important reason for routine appliance maintenance is to prevent safety hazards. For instance, most appliances rely on gas or electricity for energy, both of which are culprits of starting fires. Each year, malfunctioning appliances cause thousands of house fires in the United States. Routine appliance maintenance is key to preventing damage or injury from appliance fires.

Save Money in the Long Run

The harder appliances have to work, the more energy and money they require. High energy costs are often tell-tale signs that one or more appliances in your home need maintenance or repair. Over time, wear-and-tear on your appliances is normal and can negatively impact efficiency. Common culprits are clogged filters, blocked ducts or tubes, and faulty sensors. By utilizing seasonal tune-ups and routine appliance maintenance, you’ll ensure your machines are running as efficiently as possible and keep your energy bills down.

Avoid Surprises

I think we can all agree that our appliances make our lives run smoother. However, when one of them malfunctions, it creates a domino effect on busy schedules. To keep your dishwasher washing, your dryer drying, and your stove heating, perform smaller maintenance tasks yourself seasonally. Additionally, call a technician when you feel over your head. You’ll thank yourself the next time you have multiple loads of laundry or several meals to prep and can rely on your appliances to get the job done without worry.


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